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Ethiopia: Prominent Ethiopian Astrophysicist Doctor Legesse Wotro died

Prominent Ethiopian Astrophysicist Doctor Legesse Wotro died on yesterday April 27 2017 at his 67 year age. 

Dr. Legesse was born in Arsi the previously known as Arsi Regional State of Ethiopia in 1950. He has earned his first Degree from His Majesty Emperor Hailesilassie University and his second degree from Addis Ababa University in Physics.

He has also pursued his Masters Degree from the prestigious Sheffield United University  in Physics and his doctoral in Astrophysics from Colombia University.

Dr Legesse has served in different capacities in the Ethiopian academic system  starting from a teacher in Nifas Silk Higher Secondary school and in his later ages as  lecturer and lead scientist in Addis Ababa Universiy for more than 40 years.

Addis Ababa Universty has also honored the loss of one of its prominent doctors by witnessing that he was extraordinary astrophysicist who has invented  new ideas and contributed a lot in the field.

He was also a father of a son and two daughters.

Addis Ababa University has announced his burial is going to be held in St. Peter cemetery on April 28 2017 .



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