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Total partners with Addis Ababa Institute of Technology to tackle waste oil

Total Ethiopia has partnered with Addis Ababa Institute of Technology to tackle the indiscriminate handling, management and disposal of used oil, a major contaminant of the ecosystem. The first phase of the partnership will be though a recycling study.

The $45,000 study which is fully funded by Total should be completed in one year. The first phase of the study is complete and second and the third phase will be carried out by focusing on what methods should be applied when disposing of used oil.

Traditionally second-hand oil is used to kill mosquitoes in some parts of rural Ethiopia. This is done by pouring some oil into the water so that the mosquitoes become stuck. Now a new study will try to recycle oil for lubricants. Managing director of Total Ethiopia Lassina Toure said the goal of the study is to protect the environment by figuring out the best way to recycle oil.

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