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Have you ever wondered why a Jeans has a tiny pocket just above the front one?




I am sure that everyone has noticed that tiny, little pocket on the right side of your Jeans and wondered what it’s doing there. It makes it a mystery especially considering the fact that it’s inside a pocket which is better and big enough.

 What makes it more puzzling is that the pocket inside the pocket is not even hidden away. It’s not a secret pocket; it is right in the front in plain sight.



Well, being an IT person, I could say that I use it for keeping my flash disk inside it.



Some even call it the “Condom pocket”.



Some used it to hoard coins inside it!



But did you know what it was originally meant for?

It was originally a watch pocket!!


 Back in the 1800s, cowboys in the west used to wear their watches on chains and keep them inside their waistcoats. To keep them from breaking, Levi Strauss introduced a small pocket where it could be securely place on our Jeans tiny pocket.



But wait … what do you use it for?



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