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How to write Amharic alphabets (Fidels) without any installing Power Geez or Visual Geez on your Windows 7 and Windows 10 PC


Windows has started supporting Amharic alphabets since its Windows 7 operating system release. That means we may no longer need to install Visual Geez, Power Geez or other application software to write Amharic letters on our Windows computer.


Follow the below procedures to enable your built-in Amharic alphabets (Fidels) on your Windows 7 or Windows 10 machines:

1. Go to Windows Start 

2. Click Control Panel

3. From the View by Category drop down menu select "small icons"



4. After you select "small icons" you will find a lot of Windows program settings with icons and select Region and Language from the list as shown below:



5. After you have clicked Region and Language a new window will open. Go to the new window and select Keyboards and Languages.

6. From the Keyboards and Languages tab select Change keyboards... button.



7. After you click the Change keyboards settings a new window Text Services and Input Languages will open in a separate window.

8. Under the General tub click add button to add Amharic as a second language option to English as our keyboard input method as shown below.


9. After you have clicked the add button a new window Add input language will open in a separate window.

10. From the list of world languages go to Amharic (Ethiopia) and when you click over it, it will expand with options to select from. Select Keyboard and it will further expand for more checkbox options. By this time you should see Amharic Input Method (version1.0) checkbox and tick it by clicking over the checkbox and then click OK   



11. Finally Click Ok on all opened windows and go to your windows task bar on the right bottom side of your PC screen and you will see an EN icon which you need to click on it to change it to AM - Amharic (Ethiopia) to start typing in Amharic alphabets.

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