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BREAKING NEWS:- 12th Grade national exam cancelled due to leak on the Internet


Breaking News: -

According to different sources political analyst Jawar Mohammed has posted a leaked content of English and Mathematics exams of the 12th grade Ethiopian University Entrance Examination on his official Facebook account. 


The reason for the leak according to his explanation is in protest to inability of the government to cancel the scheduled examination due to lack of preparation of students in Oromia region for the exam and because of formal education was interrupted in Oromia region for sometime because of the previous conflicts in different parts of Oromia region.

As a result the national exam that was scheduled to be commenced by May 30 2016 was officially cancelled by the Ministry of Education after confirming that English exam paper code 12 was leaked.

"Like any other person, we found the information from the Internet. After a cross check, we have decided to terminate the whole exam since we had no evidence that the other exams were safe," said Shiferaw Shigute, Minister of Education.

He has told journalists that the 800 exam centers established for this purpose won't five exam as of now.

he said also that the Ministry has "Plan B" and its implementation will be announced soon after the necessary logistics are deployed accross the country.

The Ministry finally offered apology for the students and their families.




Source: Social Medias, FBC

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