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  • Bishangari Lodge Put on Fire by Protesters

    Fire continues to gut down Bishangari Lodge after angry mob set it on fire following social unrest in Oromio region. The Lodge is located 200km from the capital city at the shores of Lake Langano. The arrests have persisted close to one year now.

    According to Addis Fortune On Sunday, over 50 people lost their lives following spirited protests which took place at a religious festival. According to sources, some who died were shot by police while others were trampled on by others after a stampede ensued.

    However, the regional government has promised to restore peace and order in the area. 


     Image: AddisFortune

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  • Ethiopia’s gov’t spokesman decried the election of Trump to lead the U.S

    Ethiopia’s newly sworn in government spokesman, Negeri Lencho, said the election of Donald Trump is not good both for his country and for the African continent as a whole and has described him as ‘an extremely neo- liberalist.’ According to him, Trump is ‘always inward looking’ with less care for the rest of the world.

    “I don’t think the election of Trump will benefit Africa,” Negeri said adding that he was wishing Secretary Hillary Clinton could win the 2016 US election. “First, he is only interested in trade deals that only benefit the United States. Second, his immigration policy could affect thousands of Ethiopians who live in the United States. And finally, his political tactics are dangerous.”

    According to Negeri, Tump may change some of his hard- line policies once he occupies the White House in January. He has described the current U.S- Ethiopian relations as ‘very good’ and ‘longstanding.’

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  • Ethiopia disconnected from the world

    “We have never seen such crowd,” Claus Steiner, general manager of Hilton Addis Ababa, said.

    The German-born hotel manager, who recently moved from Seychelles Hilton, seems surprised to see such a large number of guests visiting his Hotel. However, these guests were there for one purpose – internet access.

    Though there was a nationwide shutdown of internet access, Hilton was one of the small number of places that people can access the internet.

    The lobby of the hotel was almost full with people scrambling to get an access. Yet again, its business center was congested with a long line of people waiting for their turn.

    Unlike Hilton, many businesses have been paralyzed throughout the week as they have not been able to do their activities. And this is the result of an unprecedented action by the government to shutdown internet access.

    This is not the first time that Ethiopia is experiencing such a series of internet blackout. Last year, following a wide political unrest in Amhara and Oromia regional states, Ethiopia have experienced the same trend. In fact, social media was very instrumental which finally forced the government to block it.

    Last year, it was reported that US-based activists were said to be behind the leak of national exam papers before the official exam date.

    These activists have then leaked the exam papers on Facebook.

    By that time, around 246, 452 grade 12 students sat for the national exam and 1,029,782 grade 10 students took higher education leaving exam. The government has spent close to 250 million birr for the whole preparation of the exam.

    The leaks have created havoc across the nation. The government was forced to prepare a second exam.

    So far no one was held accountable for the leak.

    This time around the government has decided to cut the internet access without any prior notification which resulted in a wide outcry across the country.

    Business institutions such as banks, IT firms, hotels and travel agencies are among the many that are hugely affected by the action taken by the government, not to mention personal communication that was interrupted.

    Modern Eth Cyber Intel Consultancy is among those many business institutions which is hugely suffering the brunt of the blackout. The company, which mainly deals with IT outsourcing activities, has a partnership with a number of international IT firms.

    “The sad thing is because of the internet blackout our partner, which has worked in Ethiopia for the past nine years, have decided to move its work to Dubai, UAE, just in search of internet access,” Michael Tesfaye, manager partner of Modern, told The Reporter.

    “This is really frustrating,” he said.

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    Source: The Reporter Ethiopia

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