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Ethiopian News

  • Ethiopia to Overtake Kenya As Eastern Africa's Top Economy

    By Victor Juma

    The International Monetary Fund's (IMF) latest statistical estimates indicate that Ethiopia's gross domestic product (GDP) is forecast to grow from $61.62 billion in 2015 to $69.21 billion this year, narrowly beating Kenya's output which is expected to rise from $63.39 billion to $69.17 billion over the same period.

    "Ethiopia has experienced double-digit economic growth, averaging 10.8 per cent since 2005, which has mainly been underpinned by public-sector-led development," the African Development Bank, the OECD Development Centre and the United Nations Development Programme say in the latest African Economic Outlook report.

    Kenya's GDP of $14.1 billion in 2000 was 71.6 per cent larger than Ethiopia's $8.23 billion in the same year but the Horn of Africa nation has closed the economic gap in the last five years of robust growth.

    The IMF's GDP estimates are based on current market prices using exchange rates prevailing between July 22 and August 19. 

    Having established its economic lead ahead of Kenya, Ethiopia is forecast to maintain its position as Eastern Africa's largest economy over the medium term -- a position that is also expected to improve its standing as an investment destination.

    Ethiopia's rise as a regional economic powerhouse has mostly been fuelled by mega public sector investment similar to the Chinese model that has enabled the Asian nation to become the world's second-largest economy in two decades.

    Ethiopia's investment, as a percentage of GDP, rose sharply from 20.2 per cent in 2000 to 39.2 per cent last year and is expected to hit a new high of 39.2 per cent of the domestic output this year.

    While Kenya has also raised its public investments, including on big infrastructure projects, it remains significantly below that of Ethiopia.

    Kenya's investment as a percentage of GDP rose from 18 per cent in 2000 to hit a high of 22.4 per cent in 2014 before receding to 21.2 per cent last year and is projected to rise to 22.5 per cent this year.

    Public investments

    Ethiopia's economy is expected to grow further riding on the state-led investment in infrastructure, according to the African Economic Outlook report.

    "Public investments are expected to continue driving growth in the short and medium term with huge investments in infrastructure and the development of industrial parks, prioritised to ease bottlenecks to structural transformation, which will still have to take shape with industry playing a significant role in the economy," the report says.

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  • Bishangari Lodge Put on Fire by Protesters | ቢሻንጋሪ ሎጅ በሰልፈኞች መቃጠሉ ተረጋገጠ

    Fire continues to gut down Bishangari Lodge after angry mob set it on fire following social unrest in Oromio region. The Lodge is located 200km from the capital city at the shores of Lake Langano. The arrests have persisted close to one year now.

    According to Addis Fortune On Sunday, over 50 people lost their lives following spirited protests which took place at a religious festival. According to sources, some who died were shot by police while others were trampled on by others after a stampede ensued.

    However, the regional government has promised to restore peace and order in the area. 


     Image: AddisFortune

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