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Ethiopian News

  • Abe Gashahun And Fotyen Tesfay , Surprise Winners At The 16th Great Run

    Making their bids to rise from the crowded ranks of their nation’s deep well of distance talent, junior runners Abe Gashahun and Fotyen Tesfay were the surprise winners at the 16th Great Ethiopian Run 10km road race in Addis Ababa on Sunday (20).

    Gashahun, 18, won one of the closest finishes in the race’s 16-year history, just edging Kenyan Jerome Lumbasi by one second in 28:53.

    Four athletes entered the final home straight locked together before Gashahun clinched victory just a few metres from the finish.

    Gashahun, who is coached by Haji Ajilo comes from Debre Birhan, 120 kilometres northeast of Addis Ababa, and had travelled to the capital yesterday for this race.

    “I hope that my win today will give me more opportunities to compete in international races abroad,” said Gashahun, who finished eighth at the 2015 IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Guiyang, China, and fifth over 5000m at the African Junior Championships that same year, also in Addis Ababa.

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  • Ethiopia’s gov’t spokesman decried the election of Trump to lead the U.S

    Ethiopia’s newly sworn in government spokesman, Negeri Lencho, said the election of Donald Trump is not good both for his country and for the African continent as a whole and has described him as ‘an extremely neo- liberalist.’ According to him, Trump is ‘always inward looking’ with less care for the rest of the world.

    “I don’t think the election of Trump will benefit Africa,” Negeri said adding that he was wishing Secretary Hillary Clinton could win the 2016 US election. “First, he is only interested in trade deals that only benefit the United States. Second, his immigration policy could affect thousands of Ethiopians who live in the United States. And finally, his political tactics are dangerous.”

    According to Negeri, Tump may change some of his hard- line policies once he occupies the White House in January. He has described the current U.S- Ethiopian relations as ‘very good’ and ‘longstanding.’

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  • Turkish giant to invest USD one billion in Beles sugar project

    The Turkish giant, Bedisa Group, is negotiating to take over 75 percent of Beles Sugar Project, which is located at Amhara Regional State, some 576kms from the capital Addis Ababa, by investing USD one billion. Bedisa will sign an agreement with Ethiopian Sugar Corporation at the end of this year enabling the Group to form a joint venture with Ethiopian government on sugar project.

    The Chairperson of Bedisa Group, Binai Boran told The Reporter that he was negotiating with the government to form the joint venture for the last three years. “The negotiations are bearing fruits and we are going to take over 75 percent of Beles I and II,” he noted.

    The total value of the two projects are estimated to be around USD 1.4 billion and Bedisa will invest a little over one billion of this amount to secure the JV deal. The Group is planning to finance a portion of the investment project by its own while the remainder of the project cost is expected to be paid for by accessing loans from local and international banks.

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  • Total partners with Addis Ababa Institute of Technology to tackle waste oil

    Total Ethiopia has partnered with Addis Ababa Institute of Technology to tackle the indiscriminate handling, management and disposal of used oil, a major contaminant of the ecosystem. The first phase of the partnership will be though a recycling study.

    The $45,000 study which is fully funded by Total should be completed in one year. The first phase of the study is complete and second and the third phase will be carried out by focusing on what methods should be applied when disposing of used oil.

    Traditionally second-hand oil is used to kill mosquitoes in some parts of rural Ethiopia. This is done by pouring some oil into the water so that the mosquitoes become stuck. Now a new study will try to recycle oil for lubricants. Managing director of Total Ethiopia Lassina Toure said the goal of the study is to protect the environment by figuring out the best way to recycle oil.

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