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Ethiopian News

  • San Jose Taxi Driver Honored with International Award for Hard Work

    SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A Bay Area man just learned he's winning an international award for his work as a taxi driver.

    Enders Abdu left Ethiopia to find the "American Dream."

    "I came to this country in 1998 and after two years I started driving a taxi," he said.

    His day starts out like any other driver, getting his cab ready for the road. But that's about where the similarities end.

    While many drivers wait for a call from dispatch, Abdu already knows his schedule. "At 6:55 I'm going to pick up my first kid and I have three kids," he said.

    And they're the same kids every day. They are kids with special needs who go to school far from home. "The kids have to feel comfortable, so you have to have the type of driver that makes that child feel comfortable," Yellow Checker Cab operations Dave Logan said.

    San Jose's Yellow Checker Cab Company recommended Abdu to the schools where they have a contract to transport kids.

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  • 4 lies women tell their husbands

    A marriage is for better or for worse but at times one party will lie to avoid the worse part. That party could be the wife and she can tell lies to her husband for different reasons.

    The lies she will tell can be deemed as innocent white lies meaning that they veil the truth. It’s a lie told with good intentions and not one meant to hurt the other person. I’m sure some women think they can’t lie but they may find themselves telling lies the longer their stay in the marriage.

    It could be telling their husband he hasn’t added weight when he has to assuring him that their parents love him when they don’t.

    Here are four major lies all wives should be familiar with:

    1. “You’re the best sex I’ve ever had”

    This could go in line with telling him his penis is the biggest on earth or he has made them feel like no one ever has. If they had a good sex life before, they would have experienced other men.

    Sexier men, bigger men and so on but she ended up with her husband who they love so much that they chose him as their best. However if it’s about him being physically the best one earth…girl, that’s a big, fat white lie.

    2. “I’ll be ready in a bit”

    We know women take forever to get ready and wives are the same. Their husband may want to take them out for date night but they have so much to do, it’s taking forever. When he asks how much longer he has to wait, they shorten the time instinctively when they know by that time, there’s no way they will ever be ready. It’s just a white lie to give him false hope.


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