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  • Seifu Fantahun apeared before federal first instance court


     According to different sources one of the best known late night show presenters in EBS TV and Tadias Addis radio program host is arrested in connection to his colleagues incorrect information/report about Tewodros Teshome film in their arts discussion on Sheger FM 102.1 Radio. DireTube has also disclosed that he has been released today at 2:00 PM on 50,000.00 Birr bail and ordered to reappear before court on July 12, 2016.



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  • Have you ever wondered why a Jeans has a tiny pocket just above the front one?




    I am sure that everyone has noticed that tiny, little pocket on the right side of your Jeans and wondered what it’s doing there. It makes it a mystery especially considering the fact that it’s inside a pocket which is better and big enough.

     What makes it more puzzling is that the pocket inside the pocket is not even hidden away. It’s not a secret pocket; it is right in the front in plain sight.


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  • Artist Mesfin Abebe Dies


    The renowned teacher and musician, artist Mesfin Abebe has died on yesterday morning.  According to FBC the artist was a father of one daughter.

    He has produced more than 20 music albums among which his “Yazilign Ketero” is most known and has earned him love and admiration.

     His burial ceremony will be held today at St. Petros we Paulos church.


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  • Three-time Olympic champion, Kenenisa Bekelle, excluded from Rio 2016 Olympics


    Three-time Olympic champion, Kenenisa Bekele, was left out of Ethiopia’s Rio 2016 Olympics marathon team.

    In addition to Kenenisa, Yemane Tsegay, a record holder of Ottawa marathon, Canada, was excluded from the team even though, he was named in the reserve team.

    In the men’s side, Ethiopia will be represented in the Rio 2016 Olympics by Lemi Berhanu, Tesfaye Abera, Feyisa Lelissa and Lelisa Desisa.

    Similarly, Tigist Tufa, Mare Dibaba, Tirfi Tsegaye and Aberu Kebede were included in Ethiopia’s women marathon team.

    About 12 athletes, including Kenenisa Bekele, submitted complaints to the Ethiopian Athletics Federation (EAF), expressing their dissatisfaction with the selection criteria.  

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